Working with a good flow

Installing air ducts is something we all take pride in. Whether in production or installation, we help buildings become healthier. Tough work that takes place in all weathers.

Those who take to the roof must be up to the rough living. Vertigo may also be left at home. With us, you can learn and grow into a true assembly veteran. We are a flexible, small Brabant-based company with short lines of communication. So you’re not a number here. There is room for laughter, and for getting serious.

Production worker

At Brago, we manufacture plastic air ducts, and we also have our own assembly teams that install our ducts. This way, we control the entire process and can guarantee our quality at all times.

Air duct technician

Are you a person who likes to be hands-on, and likes to work hard? Then read on!

Getting started tomorrow?

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